Don’t always assume that a cheap Pinot Noir from Central Otago is a dodgy one. peut-être une petite pricing error n’pas? Non! Alternatively it’s a bin end yeh? Nope! Of ill reputed? Outrageous!

This bottle of 2013 Ridgeback Alex Central Otago Pinot Noir has a very simple red label with a doggy tail to tell on its reverse, a story about a cherished family pet. It was “discovered” in Island Bay New World astonishingly and at a very reasonable price too! $15! For the price this wine is amazing, it won’t be guzzled ireverently irrespective of the relatively little laid out for its purchase, and, consequently will be gently sipped and relished like any other good Otago Pinot should. I will also revisit said super market tomorrow and head for the shelf in hope that this deal of the week hasn’t been snapped up or an astounding mistake corrected. What would happen if other southern Pinot’s were priced similarly I wonder?




The makers appear to be as unpretentious as the bottle, normal people like you and me. Patrick and Judy Medlicott established their 4.2 ha vineyard in Letts Gully Road in 2002 after leaving their professions as an orthopaedic surgeon and school dean respectively. They have embraced Pinot Noir and Alexandra with a passion, hands on in tending the vines. Taste the wine and breathe its provenance and you will feel satisfied, grateful and speculative about whether you could do the same in ten or so years’ time. 8/10


About The MI Hygienist

Mark - Dental Hygienist for the working week,forager and allotmenteer for the remainder. Toni's life partner and father to Arran, Dale and Naomi. Oli the Welshie is my four legged friend. Toni - Midwife, Uberchef and allotmenter - Mother and best friends of the above. "It is poverty rather than wealth that gives life it's true meaning," Patience Gray

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